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Share your opinion about the quality of security life in the UAE

Page last updated: August 24, 2023
  • Wednesday, January 19,2022

Consultation Subject

The Ministry of Interior invites the public to share opinions on the quality of security life in the Emirati community in the areas of personal security, road security, readiness and preparedness, safety of life and property, provided services, quality of digital life, quality of life in community security, quality of life of inmates, and quality of life in the work environment.

The objective of consultation:

Through this advice, the Ministry of Interior aims to monitor all opinions and suggestions on enhancing the sense of safety for residents and visitors of the United Arab Emirates and depend on the same to make the UAE the safest spot on the global level by enhancing all community members' feeling of safety and bringing the state to advanced levels in reliance on police services and preparedness for emergencies while maintaining road safety in order to save lives of the state residents.

Expected decisions as a result of consultation:

Launching supportive and creative projects and initiatives of quality and sustainable impact, based on the concepts of leadership, excellence and qualitative addition. They will be analysed, and effectiveness will be measured based on indicators designed on scientific and knowledge bases. The indicators of security life quality will be a main means of measuring the extent of impact and the required addition.

Video : UAE safe and secure

Open Date: October 01, 2021
Closed Date: December 30, 2021


Lunching the MOI strategy of security life, in order to enhance the role of the security system in achieving the well-being of society and improving the quality of life. The strategy is in line with the directives of the UAE government and the vision of its wise leadership, and within the framework of the national strategy for quality of life, which aims to make the UAE a global leader in achieving community quality of life and enhancing its leading position and ranking in global competitiveness indicators, to be the happiest country in the world.


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